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About Us

​Second Creek Calls is a small business that provides outdoor sportsmen with custom made calls. Second creek calls was founded by Joshua Young in the Fall of 2010.​



Second Creek Calls is providing waterfowl hunters field proven custom calls at a low price. Custom calls do not need to be very expensive to work birds. Each call is hand turned, finished and tuned by Josh Young. Josh states "Ducks are my passion and I take pride in being able to turn off calls that look good but most of all can bring in ducks, so that duck hunters, like myself can have the perfect finish."

About the Owner


Joshua Young, who is the owner of Second Creek Calls, started hunting as a small child. Growing up his parents introduced him to outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing. Over the years, Joshua built a passion around wildlife, friendship, and hunting. At the age of nineteen, Josh decided to share his duck call creations and talent with those around him. Today, Josh is a student at North Carolina State University majoring in biology.

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